It is indubitable that after 40, the chances of conception are lower compared to prior years. In some cases, it may even be impossible. With the aid of science and technology however, a woman unable to naturally conceive, may have a healthy child through fertility treatments or IVF.

When it comes to having pregnancy and maternity, every decade has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage in becoming a parent at an older age is that you have significantly larger life experience. You had time to grow and see the world. You have greater financial security and feel more comfortable in your work environment. You have chosen your partner based on more solid criteria. You are wiser and it has been proven that older mothers are more educated and more capable of making the best decisions when raising their children. Moreover, they are more likely to breastfeed and make healthier diet choices for their children.

The disadvantage is that you may encounter difficulty in conceiving. The number of oocytes decreases over the years and both the risk of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities increase. Similarly, pregnancy related health risks increase such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Even men, that may become parents at a later stage in life, are affected, as sperm quality deteriorates over time, which may lead to genetic diseases. Therefore, if you are considering pregnancy over 40, find a doctor who specializes in fertility issues and who can properly guide you through the process.